The NFB Interactive production team uses a tablet computer to show Robert Redford the interactive webdoc Bear 71 at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Digital challenge

To reach Canadians on the platforms of their choice, we’ve embraced a variety of channels: digital delivery for web-based streaming, compressed digital files for mobile devices, DVD, and more. We’re harnessing new technologies and reinventing how media is created and shared, while making our vast archives more accessible than ever.

In January 2009, in celebration of our 70th anniversary, we launched our online Screening Room, featuring hundreds of new and classic NFB productions. is a unique destination where Canadians – and lovers of animation and documentary films everywhere – can watch and share NFB works online, as never before. It provides Canadians in every region with 24/7 access to an ever-growing selection of auteur animation, social issue documentaries, alternative drama, classics and more.