The NFB Interactive production team uses a tablet computer to show Robert Redford the interactive webdoc Bear 71 at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Collective memory

The NFB is the steward of a historically and culturally significant collection of thirteen thousand productions, as well as five hundred thousand still images, an extensive sound library and almost six thousand teacher guides – with more works being added each year.

This publicly owned collection is one that we’re committed to digitizing, to make our work available to Canadians as never before while preserving it for future generations.

The NFB has reallocated resources to meet the demands of digitization, offering content across a range of digital formats (see table). We have launched a new web destination for stock footage professionals. We have also developed a unique DVDon- demand service, making over five thousand more productions available in this format. These digitized assets yield significant economic benefits, enabling the NFB to betterleverage our brand visibility while exploiting the “long tail” economics of productions that appeal to a wide range of niche markets.

Through digitization, the NFB is transforming a heritage collection into a vital cultural and economic asset for all Canadians.