A cel animation painting. Image taken from Georges Schwizgebel’s 2006 animated short Jeu, set in a helter-skelter world that evokes the chaos of modern life

Strategic Plan

The National Film Board of Canada’s 2013–2018 Strategic Plan — a manifesto for imagination, engagement and transformation ― is now online.

This plan is a new vision for the public space, redefining the nature and purpose of public cultural institutions in the 21st century.

It is anchored in the NFB’s mission to further its leadership in creativity and innovation, to increase the presence, awareness and impact of the NFB’s works, and to enhance meaningful relationships with Canadians and world audiences.

It explores how the NFB will strengthen and grow its financial capacity over the long term, developing a new economic model and new business opportunities, and how it will transform its organizational structure into a fluid organism that increases the ability to work and create differently.

You can read it here.